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FOCUS on Uganda

Partnering with The Wesleyan Church of Uganda

Reaching people with the gospel of Jesus Christ is central to the Wesleyan Church of Uganda. Beginning in 2003 with 1 congregation, it has grown to more than 70 in Uganda and helping others in Kenya and Rwanda. It is this evangelistic emphasis that was in the heart of Rev. Lucas Hamirie, as he and his wife Prossy and other friends began the movement for the salvation of souls. As many young people found the love of the church and the redemption of their lives through Jesus, they have become pastors with the desire to lead others to Christ. This has spread the church into many districts all across south-central Uganda.

Our History

Living in rural Uganda has been a challenge for the churches there as there is little income, little medical care, many children and orphans and just getting enough food and water is a daily challenge for the members. These needs have led to many outreach ministries and it has been the joy of FOCUS Wesleyan Church to come alongside this growing church in Uganda to encourage and support the work they are doing. Thus FOCUS On Uganda was born as the mission arm of FOCUS Wesleyan Church to partner with the work in Uganda.

Our Mission

FOCUS on Uganda is partnering with the Wesleyan Church of Uganda to help ease the effect of these conditions and plan for a sustainable future.  The four main areas needed are: education for those most vulnerable, worship centers for remote villages, Biblical training to equip pastors and develop leaders, and agriculture, including renewable energy.