Due to the early death of so many adults in Uganda, there are over two million orphans. Many orphans are taken in by relatives, but in rural Uganda where jobs are few and the struggle for food is a regular concern, this is often not possible. FOCUS on Uganda supports the work of Promise Kids A Future in providing a home for these abandoned and neglected orphans. Daily caring for the food, education, medical care, house moms, social worker, and administration is expensive and we want to share in this ministry.








Also, many orphans or volunerable children who are living with relatives need funds for education and clothes. Promise Kids A Future also cares for these through an orphan support program of $30 each month. As many of these children are completeing their primary education, many are now in secondary and even university levels. We are excited about their advancement but greater funds are needed for tuition at this level. If you would like to help with either of these needs, please visit http://www.promisekidsafuture.org/