One of the fundamental needs in developing the church was pastoral training.  Many felt the call to serve but lacked Biblical understanding and sometimes even the Bible itself.  Pastors often told us that if one had a Bible they would often tear out chapters and share with each other so everyone had access to the Word.  Purchasing Bibles for pastors and lay people is a priority.

Short-term trainings have been conducted through the years and in 2015 the Wesley Bible Institute was founded and pastors now regularly come to be equipped to shepherd their congregations and preach the Word.  Fred and Carol Cromer, Global Partners missionaries of the Wesleyan Church, have dedicated themselves to getting the Bible Institute and library up and running. Thanks to their commitment and training, 8 pastors were ordained in 2016 and many more will be ordained or commissioned during the conference in January 2018. The Institute teaches 28 – 1 week modules from a wide variety of topics, preparing a pastor to lead his/her congregation.  











One of the most encouraging signs of sustainability is that 3 young pastors, who have completed their Biblical studies, are now teaching in “out-post” settings for the Bible Institute. This is allowing many more to receive the training. With new congregations beginning in each district, the need for more pastors continues to grow.