The Wesleyan Church of Uganda has over 70 congregations scattered throughout southern Uganda.  New churches are being started regularly as a result of the Jesus film ministry and the powerful message of Jesus Christ.  The passion of the Ugandan Church and many young pastors to make new disciples and spread the gospel is truly encouraging.  Constructing a place of worship to provide shelter from the rain and sun is difficult when about 75% of the congregation are children.  Sometimes land is donated and a mud hut is constructed but many congregations still meet under trees on borrowed land or under a tarp.  Their worship is so joyful it’s hard to turn away and not be able to assist them.

A new interlocking brick making machine has been purchased which will cut construction cost by about 50%. Congregations are challenged to contribute weekly towards the making of these bricks and we hope to assist with matching funds for the building’s completion.  







The church center in Busia hosts a large congregation and makes it possible to provide space for church wide training.