Ugandans tell us that the climate is noticeably changing.  In years past they could plan on the rains in their seasons, but today the rains are erratic and droughts are much more prevalent.  Most rural Ugandans are peasant farmers, living off the food they can grow or sell.  Working hard, with usually nothing more than a large hoe, they struggle to grow the crops they need and with no rain, their efforts are in vain. 

Women spend much of their time collecting firewood or buying charcoal to cook for their families. Most of the cooking I done over open fires outside except for the raining season when cooking is done inside their huts. The constant inhaling of smoke fumes is harmful and cooking over open fire is slow. Several districts are establishing livestock centers where animals can be raised to help families.


The famine that occurred in late 2016 was devastating to many villages. Not only did their crops fail but the food that was available was too costly. Many were starving. FOCUS on Uganda was able to provide money for bulk food to be distributed in the most devastated areas. with the farmland that is now owned, a tractor is urgently needed to be able to get the crops in when weather is most favorable for planting. This will allow for much greater productivity. Our goal is to raise $26,000 for this project.

One of the most exciting discoveries we have recently made is the energy that comes from a biogas system. Animal or human waste is put into an enclosed tank, known as a digester and the methane gas is produced which can be used for cooking, lighting, etc. Another by-product is the valuable fertilizer, used for improved crop production. Our first biogas digester was built at the school in Busia and we are hoping many more can be built in the rural areas. God has provided in ways we are just now discovering.