Education is a cherished gift in Uganda but the challenges are enormous.  When interviewing the orphans that are being sponsored at the Wesley Primary School in Busia, one of the questions they are asked is, “What is your best memory?” Almost every child responded, “It was the day I found out I could go to school.”  Many children are being supported for an education through the orphan support program of Promise Kids A Future but there are hundreds more still waiting for a sponsor.

The challenge of helping so many vulnerable children at our primary schools is food. Some are boarding students since they come from long distances and providing enough food daily for several hundred students is a challenge. Farmland has been purchased but there are obstacles to making it productive. Please see the needs under “Agriculture.”

Students at the Wesley Primary School have excelled and have been recognized by the District and many are now in secondary boarding schools. We are excited about their success but greater funding is needed for them to be able to continue. Through generous donations, some are pursuing university degrees. God is raising up a strong, faithful and educated new generation in Uganda which is helping to lead the church forward. 



Since the goal of education is to be able to provide for ones future, a vocational school where older children, especially orphans, can be trained is a vision of the church.  Income producing skills for trades such as carpentry, concrete and brick laying, tailoring, mechanics, and welding are courses which would benefit those completing primary school but unable to go to secondary school.  Funds are needed to develop workshop space, tools and supplies to begin the vocational school.


Several years ago while visiting a village church a mother stated that her husband had died of AIDS and she also had AIDS.  She said that she had 7 children and asked  what would happen to her children when she died.  The heavy responsibility related to this question is what pastors in Uganda face regularly.  We made a way for her oldest son to receive vocational training and he is working to put his younger brothers and sisters through school. Hundreds of others need this opportunity.



You can make a better future for these children by becoming a sponsor or donating toward the vocational school.