Brief history of FOCUS on Uganda

In 1993 we received a request to come to Uganda and help with any of a huge variety of needs.  The country was struggling to come back from the devastating reign of Idi Amin.  The people were dying from AIDS, the country was struggling to educate their children, the government was preparing a constitution and disease and death were everywhere.  Our first team arrived in 1995 and found wonderful, loving people struggling with life.  We knew from that time that this was a place and a people with whom God had called us to work.  We began taking teams regularly. 

In 1999 a pastoral training team was added to the construction and medical team.  One young pastor was so convicted by the story of Jonah that he was hearing that he began ministering to other pastors who had become discouraged and wanted to quit.  He wrote to us and asked if we would return and train the pastors who felt called to serve but had no formal Biblical training and many had only small portions of the scriptures.  This pastor was Rev. Lucas Hamirie and we committed.


Lucas continued encouraging other pastors and making new disciples wherever he went.  Times were difficult as they were all raising their families with little income and the congregations were struggling to survive.  FOCUS Wesleyan Church continued to take teams made up of folks from many denominations, any who had a heart to help.  We went to build schools and churches, treat the sick and train pastors.  Every year there were new churches springing up in remote villages. Our roll was one of encouragement, taking teams to train, and funding projects that needed assistance to get them off the ground.  With the increase in the number of new congregations, there was also the dilemma of each pastor struggling to serve the many orphans around them.

In 2005 the church building and school complex  of the Wesleyan Church of Uganda was begun in Busia and by 2008, Lucas’s wife Prossy, along with Promise Kids A Future, opened an orphanage in Busia. These children are often left without care when parents die and many have been abandoned and brought to the orphanage by the local police. Many children from the orphanage have now been adopted into loving homes in the US.   

Promise Kids A Future, also developed an orphan support program where school fees, uniforms, mattresses, food and supplies are provided to children in Uganda whose families are struggling to provide.  Many who were supported at the primary level are now studying at the secondary level with great success.

By 2016, there were 8 pastors who had completed their training and evaluation process and ordained in the Wesleyan Church. In January 2018 another milestone for the Wesleyan Church of Uganda will take place. Many more pastors will be ordained or commissioned and they will be recognized as an independent District of The Wesleyan Church.

FOCUS on Uganda is committed to serving Christ in Uganda in partnership with the dedicated folks of the Wesleyan Church of Uganda and with all who feel led to share in this ministry.

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